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Workspace SSO using Gateway Auth with IDP Chaining?

Albert Sauer

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I'm trying to configure a lab environment where the users must be able to launch a published app using SSO. 

Here's the tricky part:


Users access Single Page web Apps and are authenticated via Identity Server 4 (IDS4) middle ware using OpenID Connect (OIDC).

We want to provide a link to a Virtual App in Workspace, with VDA(s) in AWS, and allow the user to have a seamless SSO experience. 


Based on my investigations we need the following architecture:


CitrixWorkspace --> ADC --> IDS4


Citrix Workspace configured to use an ADC (Gateway) as an Identity Provider using OIDC authentication. Deployed in AWS.


Then the ADC will need to act as a Service Provider (SP) and forward authentication requests to the IDS4 via OIDC.

Once the user is authorized on IDS4 the token would be passed back to Citrix Workspace, through the gateway. 


Citrix Workspace would then SSO the user to Virtual Apps via Federated Authentication Service (FAS) deployed in AWS.


Can anyone confirm if this is a viable solution? If so, can you provide a link(s) to example configuration for the ADC with respect OAUTH configurations and IDP chaining?


Any help is much appreciated.

FYI - All Citrix components are latest versions.







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