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Extreme latency with Workspace app 2004 for Linux

John Sellers


All, I am just an end-user, but I am trying to figure out why the workspace app (version 2004) for Linux is basically unusable for me due to latency. On my Mac I am using workspace version 2005 and have zero issues, everything works as I'd expect and I can interact with my remote desktop easily. As soon as I switch over to my Linux system, where I have workspace version 2004 installed, my connection to my remote desktop is pointless. It connects, and I can see everything, but a single click of the mouse takes ~30 seconds to respond.


I've attempted to turn on debug logging, but nothing pops up that hints at any issues. I've tried both the DEB Linux package, as well as the tarball Linux package, just to see if anything changed but it didn't. Googling around I've seen some suggestions for config settings, but that doesn't seem to help.


Any ideas or places to look to try and figure out what is happening? I don't have anyway to see what is going on at the other end (server side) as I am just a user of the system in this case.

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There is something wrong with Workspace for Linux 2004 and 2006. Both versions are absolutely unusable, very bad Performance especially with moving Images e.g. Youtube.



  1912 LTRS (on Windows 10)

  HDX Settings:

    Video Codec: For actively changing regions

    Transport: UDP

    Visual Quality: High

    Encoder: H264

    Latency: 3ms

    RTT: 3-30ms



1912.0.19  ->  works perfectly fine (e.g. hd fullscreen movie perfectly smooth)

2004 and 2006 -> unusable (very very bad performance), everthing is laggy, if you start even a very small sized movie everything hangs


As client i have tested an IGEL Thinclient and a very fast Workstation with Ubuntu, both of them had the same Problem. Switching back to old Workspace App fixes the performance issue and everythin works fine again. 


One other detail I noticed, I have a little tool called "Remote Display Analyzer" which shows me some Information about the HDX Protocol. Amongst other things it shows me a value for "Available bandwith detected". I guess thats something that comes from HDX Protocoll. With Workspace 1912, it shows me 250-500Mbps. With Workspace 2004 and 2006 it shows me constantly 1Mbps.


Until now i don't had time to test other HDX Settings, but i think it could be a configuration Problem.

I will do some further testing, eg. with newer VDA Versions and other HDX configurations.






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