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ADC - Upgrade permission due critical CVE

Igor Brandao

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I'm new in the company, so I don't have a company account related to citrix

The support for ADC expired long time ago. (I was told that have more than 5 years)


I have the software in my hands (downloaded legally in my personal account)

Not sure if I should upgrade or not.

If not, it'll be necessary to shutdown the appliance.





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can you download the license from the NetScaler and check the SA (CSS) date in the license file? that should at least give the earliest date for upgrade rights.

Additionally, the serial number in the license can be used to get Citrix to check when the SA/CSS had expired to give you the latest date for upgrade. They should also be able to reset the account that the license is associated with so that you get access to the official company account for your Citrix licenses.




Ken  Z

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