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Write cache size

Akinola Oke


We are using the option "Cache in device RAM with overflow on hard disk".

This is set to 512MB, however when I look at the "Non-paged pool" of running VDA, they are above the set size.

I see about 850MB.


Is this the normal behavior or I need to look somewhere else to ascertain "Write Cache" size?

Though I do see the flushing unto to the harddrive, but wondering if the "Non-paged pool" suppose to increase more than the set value




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Windows and other software/drivers will use an amount of non paged pool memory itself, usually around a few 100 MB of ram.
Check another windows install which is not using PVS, and NPP will be likley a few 100 MB.
So it would be expected that once PVS is fully utilizing the the configured amount of ram, that total NPP would be greater than configured on vdisk.

Poolmon and vhdr tag can be used to see PVS NPP usage, some additional info 

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Kelarn, thanks for the response and the links.


I am still a little bit wondering on how the whole streaming process works.

I know the vdisk is loaded in memory of the PVS-Server, which is then streamed to the TD as C-Drive.

Is the "Write Cache" being used for such?

In another word, is the vdisk being streamed into the "Write Cache" as C-Drive or is there any other process on the TD performing that function.


Is the C-Drive running exclusive in memory only?

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Write cache is that, it contains writes to the streamed drive.

Writes to the C drive, are stored in both the NPP portion of RAM used by PVS target device and in the cache file on the target device Cache drive.

Any reads of data which are not stored in the write cache are read from the PVS server.

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