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How to host a background app on Citrix that can be accessed from published app?

Sankalan Sarker


I have an application that keeps on running in the background. Our web applications (which are hosted in some server) can connect to it when they are loaded in the browser. It is just like a locally hosted web service.

Now I want the application to be hosted on Citrix servers. My expectation is when we launch published Chrome app on that server -> load our web app on Chrome, the web app should be able to connect to the background app. 

This works if I remote into the desktop from store front. But if I only try to access it using the published Chrome app, it cannot connect to the background app.


May someone help me out here?

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You need published Chrome app via script and also command line for your background running application. I can't think any other way.


start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"

Start "" Your background application"


save this file and publish this file from the studio.



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Thanks for your answer.

I was wondering how IIS works. I mean if you have IIS service on then you can launch Chrome as a published app and connect to IIS (just navigate to http://localhost). 

Is that just a special service? Is there any way to replicate that for our app too?




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