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VDAServerSetup_1912 SCCM Delopyment issue

Jolene Lin


I have created a .bat file and run the following command line in SCCM to upgrade the VDA, but it won't complete the install until I log onto the system and system will then reboot to complete the installation.

"%~dp0VDAServerSetup_1912.exe" /quiet /components vda /controllers "domain.com" /enable_hdx_ports /optimize /enable_remote_assistance /logpath "C:\temp"


If I include the /noresume /noreboot, SCCM auto deployment won't install automatically until I go to Software Center and manually click install twice and reboot the Server twice.

"%~dp0VDAServerSetup_1912.exe" /quiet /components vda /controllers "domain.com" /enable_hdx_ports /optimize /enable_remote_assistance /logpath "C:\temp" /noresume /noreboot


Anyone knows what is the problem?  I have also specified the exit code 3 soft reboot and hoping SCCM will do the last reboot, but still not happening.

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Good Morning,

I had ongoing issues with the deployment of the VDA agent to both workstation and servers. Even if I had all the prerequisites installed in advance, running the batch install it would fail almost all the time. 

Eventually, I figured out a way to deploy a new agent by creating a task sequence the run all process automatically.


The Gist of it.


1. install all pre-reqs.

2. run VDA clean up tool until the return result is satisfactory.

3. install new VDA Agent. 


See Attached 



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