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XenApp LTSR 1912 CU 1 - Application Launch Delay of 60 seconds due to licensing



Good morning everyone,


I have a ticket open with support, but they have been unable to solve my issue. 


I have a brand new XenApp 7 LTSR farm (1912 with CU1) on server 2019. 


When we launch apps, SOMETIMES, users get delays of 60 seconds. Support says it's due to RDS licensing and I should check my firewall. 


The RDS license server is on one of the 2019 servers and there are no firewall between them. 


Environment is as follows:

2 ADC configured for passthrough

Node1 - StoreFront, Controller, License, SQL, VDA, RDS License

Node2 - StoreFront, Controller, VDA

Node3 - StoreFront, Controller, VDA

Node4 - VDA

Node5 - VDA

Node6 - VDA

Node7 - VDA


I've applied the "IgnoreRegUserConfigErrors" registry fix.  

I applied the antivirus exclusions per citrix (initially we thought it was this, but it was just making the connection take longer and time out. Now it works, but takes 60 seconds)

The RDS licensing server is activated and dishing out licenses

The RDS licensing diagnostics shows all green. 


Anyone have any ideas? The CDF log shows it's checking for a license again (RDS license not Xenapp). 


Thanks in advance!



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If the DDC is very busy, I guess you may see a delay in getting the RDS license, otherwise I'm at a loss to explain why getting the license would cause such a long delay.  I'd suggest moving the RDS license service to a different system and see if this improves the situation at all.  You could potentially set the preferred controller to one of the other DDC to see if that helps.  Does StoreFront appear to have any performance problems also?  Depending on the number of users, I don't think it's good practice to host all those Services on a DDC.

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Hi there,


My old farm has the exact same configuration (but has some 2012R2 and is 7.15 LTSR) works just fine. I have about 200 people on that farm. This farm is brand new and I have 10 people testing. I even changed the license server on the new farm to use the old farm's license server. Same issue. 

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