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problem of summer time on application SPPA-T3000 on xenserver 6.0.2



hi all,

     my problem is application SPPA-T3000 which is hosted on application server has time is lead by one hour

    example :

                      time inside xenserver 6.0.2 : by  date :10:00 EET

                                                                by hwclock   EET

                      time on time server is 10:00 AM

                      time on virtual machine(windows server 2008 R2 enterprise) is 10:00 AM

                      but time on SPPA-T3000 application installed inside virtual machine hosted on xenserver 6.0.2 : 11:00 EEST

                      this problem repeated every year at this time (as beginning of summer )

                     please help solving this problem.


                                                                                         gharieb aref

                                                                                         DCS & Instrumentation engineer



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