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How to update Wildcard SSL Cert on Director servers

Bill Clark1709159029


Our wildcard cert used expires in a few days so we have updated it and received all the new cert files.  I'm trying to update the existing cert on our Director/Storefront servers in our Citrix environment but having no luck.  I was able to import the new cert through MMC\Certificates, and it looks correct there and in IIS.  In IIS, I select the site, edit the bindings and select the new certificate and save it.  I then restart IIS services and everything looks good, yet, when I login the the Director website, the certificate being used is still the old one that expires in a few days.  What am I missing?  Thanks!

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My apologies.....our Storefront & Director services/applications are separated on different servers.  I was looking back and forth on the different servers and simply got confused as to what I was looking at.  Anyway, we do have two Director servers that are load-balanced behind two Netscaler virtual devices.  So I need to update the cert on the Netscalers for Director then?  There are no certs on the actual Director servers themselves, they use Netscaler only, correct?  Thanks!

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Got this working.  Carl, came across your article on NetScaler Certificates:  https://www.carlstalhood.com/netscaler-certificates/#pfx  After getting the .PFX file imported and uploading the x509 .CER file to the NetScaler, I followed the steps under section "SSL-Updates" and was able to update the existing wildcard cert with the new .KEY & .CER files.  Tested with launching the Director web console and saw that the expiration date has changed correctly.  Also verified that the secondary NetScaler received the changes automatically and it did.  Everything looks good on the Director side of things, now onto the StoreFront SSL change.

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