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Performance of Full User Layer

Paul Kramer1709154814


Can any of you running user layering comment on what kind of performance you see for things like opening office files and such.

I am seeing unacceptable performance once any Elastic layering or User Layering is enabled.  

For example, Excel file that takes a sec or two to open on our  Unidesk 2.x VDI environment takes 10-15 secs to open on Windows10/AppLayering 4.x VDI environment.

We have moved Layers share to different SMB shares on different types of storage, currently on an all flash array with 10gb network.

I think our users can deal with the increased login times for the elastic layers, but this performance hit for daily use items will not be well received.




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31 minutes ago, Rob Zylowski1709158051 said:

Hey Paul,


Normally with App layering opening an app the first time takes longer because any file that is modified during the open has to be written out first to the writable portion of the desktop.  Then subsequent opens should be normal speed.   So if you close and open excel is it normal the second time or still slow?





No I am seeing this also with already having the app open and going to file-open ..etc so all it needs to do is open the doc.


Doing a full open via file association does take longer as well, and there is slight improvement after the first time, but that's why I was testing with just opening the document.

I put a ticket in yesterday, but haven't been able to connect with the assigned tech yet at all.


What kind of slow-down is expected from the filter driver redirecting to the vhd? 

I am correct in my config that I should not have ram cache or cache disks enabled when using user-layers correct?? As all the writes that would go there end up being redirected to the vhd right?



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The filter driver itself is really no time its just replying back with the volume based path and if you are just using user layer there are not many layers to search through for a file.  The registry virtualization is one thing that is different from Unidesk 2.  The registry is now virtualized and basically wroks in memeory like the file filter does.


Are you testing by putting the excel file on the same share as your user layer just to keep the storage exactly the same?


Oh and on the ram caching yes cache in ram will only be used for a small number of files.

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I haven't tried putting the excel file on the same share, currently the app layers and user layers reside on the same share, the files I'm opening would be in our shared drives mostly, as I'm trying to re-create real world use after our early testers started complaining about the sluggishness.

I even see a large difference in opening files from the user layer (so move file to My documents and open that).

I am going to try  setting up a windows vm on the same host and vlan as the vdi vm and see if there is a difference for that setup, as an alternative storage location test.



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ok, don't think that is it, as yesterday I published the exact same template 3 ways, one with no layering, one with just app layering and one with app and user layering.

The no layering worked as expected.

The app-layering had slower logon (expected) and the file opening was slower.

The app and user layering enabled one was even slower.


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Hi Rob,


Discovered some new info, if I open Word or Excel, it is slow on the first doc that is opened by that instance of the app.

So if i open excel, then go to file open and choose a doc, it sits and is slow for severla seconds, if I go back to file open again, any other excel even if it hasn'e been open before pops right open.

Same thign with Word.


But if I close that instance of excel or word and open another, the first doc opened is slow again.  Even if I open two Excels from the start menu so I have two instances in the task manager, the first doc or file opened by each one is slow, all subsequent ones is slow.

So users as they are opening closing using links and such are slow every time they don't have excel already open.  

Any ideas?

We are thinking we might version the office layer and actually make sure we open a file in each office app vs just opening the app to make sure it ran, and see if that makes any difference.



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