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logon Win10 vda slowly after upm configured

Qicai Zhou


In UPM log, I can see 35 time gap as following red txts shows. Any suggestion ? Thanks!


2020-06-17;16:47:07.297;INFORMATION;PHGDDOM01;********;1;68;GetUserStorePath: User Store: Path Out: \\*****************************
2020-06-17;16:47:07.297;INFORMATION;PHGDDOM01;********;1;68;ImpersonateClientStop: Successfully stopped client impersonation.
2020-06-17;16:47:07.297;INFORMATION;PHGDDOM01;********;1;68;SessionCount:RealTimeCount - Detected a Client OS, not using WTS calls 
2020-06-17;16:47:07.297;INFORMATION;PHGDDOM01;********;1;68;SessionCount::RealTimeCount - User: ****, Domain: *****, Session Count: 0.
2020-06-17;16:47:07.297;INFORMATION;PHGDDOM01;********;1;68;ImpersonateClientStart: Successfully impersonated a client.
2020-06-17;16:47:42.704;INFORMATION;PHGDDOM01;********;1;68;ProcessLogon: Found a profile in the user store: <\\******************************>.

2020-06-17;16:47:42.704;INFORMATION;PHGDDOM01;********;1;68;ImpersonateClientStop: Successfully stopped client impersonation.
2020-06-17;16:47:42.704;INFORMATION;PHGDDOM01;********;1;68;QueryLocalProfile: No profile directory found.
2020-06-17;16:47:42.704;INFORMATION;PHGDDOM01;********;1;68;QueryLocalProfile: Determined the name of a new profile directory: <C:\Users\o-xieyl>.
2020-06-17;16:47:42.719;INFORMATION;PHGDDOM01;********;1;68;CreateLocalProfile: Profile directory initialized: <C:\Users\o-xieyl>.

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