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Delete profiles on users' log off (without using Mandatory OR Roaming Profiles)

Dawid Bbn


Hi guys,


I struggle to set Citrix Profile Management to delete users profiles as they log off WITHOUT using a User Store for the profile (without using Mandatory OR Roaming Profiles).

I.e. when I enable Profile Management Citrix policy AND in Active Directory a user Home Drive is present, the profile is created in the "Windows" folder there and on user logoff it is deleted from the VDA fine.

However, if a user DOES NOT have a Homedrive in AD set, the policy option to "Delete locally cached profiles on logoff" does not seem to work.


Is there any way to disable "user profile store" (i.e. use only local profiles on VDA without replicating the profile to a network share) and then still have the profiles deleted on logoff?


In other words, I need to use Citrix Profile Management to ONLY delete LOCAL users profiles on logoff without using Mandatory OR Roaming Profiles.


My environemtn is Citrix Virtual Apps Service in Citrix Cloud, the VDA's (WS 2019) are on prem.


Thank you,

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