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Citrix ADC Firmware upgrade requirement

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Looking for Firmware upgrade of more than 300 Citrix ADC which includes SDX 14030, MPX 8910 and VPX instances under SDX. Current version is 12.0 58.15 MR, and as the Tentative date of EOL of 12.0 58.15 is Oct 2020, planning to migrate all ADCs to new MR-12.1-57.18 released on 15th June 2020.

Is it safe to upgrade all ADCs to this 12.1-57.18 MR or should I plan for the lower version i.e. 12.1-56.22 MR?

Which one should give more stability for a long run without upgrading frequently as the number of ADCs are large?

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Hello, Honestly it should not matter much but as we have big list of ADCs in question i would recommend to go with as it is slightly older release and must have been re-checked for any major bugs or issues. Anyways we are in Maintenance phase for 12.1 so for next 2-3 years you would continue getting MRs if you don't plan for major version upgrade (i.e. 13.0).




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