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External connection through ADC in Receiver only works once

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I hope somebody can help me. We have an ADC Gateway with load balanced StoreFronts. I use Azure MFA (NPS) for authentication. The web version works perfectly externally. Users surf to the Gateway, logon, enter a code received by SMS/MFA and they are ready to work. The receiver connection when users are outside of the network is giving me a headache. I configured Storefront to use No VPN Tunnel.

I enter the Gateway url in the receiver to configure it for the first time, logon and it asks me for the SMS/MFA code. I enter it, and everything works fine. Apps show up and I can start them. This works both internally as externally.

However, when an user is working externally and the receiver is shutdown, the users logs off or reboots the pc, he is no longer able to start his apps or login in the receiver. It says ‘your apps are not available at this time. Cannot contact store service’. If I look at the accounts, it shows the StoreFront url, in Advanced Preferences it shows the Gateway correctly. So it only works 1 time externally, when you add the gateway address, afterwards is always fails.

Could you tell me what’s the reason?



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