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ADC Gateway policy check for MAC Address of Raspberry Pi

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In an ADC Policy how do I check for client source MAC address? Citrix Doco suggests it's possible, for instance:


But the ether option is not available. We cannot use EPA as they are Raspberry Pi's using Receiver.


The real question: how can I exempt some clients/OS/devices from EPA, without using EPA!

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On 6/20/2020 at 1:07 AM, Ross Bender said:

You should be able to do this with nFactor. One key I found is to keep EPA policies in a separate factor than your conditional policies for determining whether EPA should be performed.


I faced similar and put my findings in this forum post: https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/409050-netscaler-epa-post-auth-scan-for-specific-users-only/.


Thanks Ross looks like I'll dust off my n-Factor-fu , I'll give it a try. first factor test for Raspberry Pi identifiers if fails send to EPA. Completely separate factor for authentication.

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