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MS Teams version in Citrix XenApp

Daniel Dunn1709158952


Hi, we use Teams with XenApp and we have installed it using the Machine Wide installer so we need to manually update the version.


On a PC if we install Teams and check for updates the latest version it installs is


There are many versions after this version and latest version I could download and install is


But what is the best version to install, should we use some of the later versions of Teams?


We just find there are a few bugs in the version we use.



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yes, always first fully uninstall the current teams using the extra required multiuser switches and then download the latest MSI and use the switches to install the multiuser as follows:


msiexec /i "\\SourceUNCpath\Teams_windows_x64.msi" /l*v ALLUSER=1



make sure people are using Citrix workspace client 2006.1 or later (client side Teams tech is built into it)


and server version should always be latest because vast improvements are being made regularly as of late. We're currently running this version (screenshot below): 



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