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Internal users unable to connect to Citrix

Trey Gambrell


Starting Friday when my users come into the office (4 offices total all effected. All site to site vpns to AWS) they can usually open Workspaces and connect to their apps. In a few cases they always have this issue where they cannot connect. Usually however the issue only comes up if they log off and try to get back in especially if it's a different server. The error is as follows below. Remote users which is around 80% right now are not effected.


If I open full desktops rather than virtual apps I don't seem to have an issue.

Workspace login isn't a problem.


It hangs on this




Then this error comes up occasionally.



but it almost always this error




When this first started on June 12th we can direct them to our website https://citrix.ourwebsite.com/Citrix/***Web/

This is now failing with the following error




**appears to have been fixed by deleting ***citrixns.domain.com and recreating it. The second issue still stands**


The first issue started Friday and the second on Late on Monday after spending a few hours with support. Granted I don't recall that we changed anything during this process.

Recent changes were making clones of Citrix 1 and replacing Citrix 2 with it and creating a new Citrix 3.4.5. This was done with by taking an aws image and then running sysprep following a guide from Carl Stalhood. This took place about 3 weeks ago. Citrix 2 had the most issues with what is below.


To give further back ground we have had an issue for several months where users Fslogix profiles would get stuck during log off on a server and the server would crash. The most recent version of Fslogix fixed the server crash but the users on that server could sometimes still be impacted where they can't log off and the server had to be rebooted. Otherwise the fslogix profiles were not being used and their mailboxes would start downloading to the VDAs. The extra VDAs were to lower user impact when a server was unstable. With the new servers our crashes have been much less frequent to around 1-2 times a month vs 10-15 times a month.


For users in the office if I bypass everything and change the workstations DNS to they can get in just fine.








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