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Getting No Available Windows Message when connected to Citrix Workspace on macOS Catalina

Aniruddh Kulkarni


Citrix Workspace

MacOS Catalina 10.15.5 


When I try opening .ica file post all the login and stuff, it opens and I see Citrix Viewer in running state  in the side bar  but it shows nothing when I click on it. Although when I right click and click on "Show All Windows"  it shows "No Available Windows". It used to work fine but suddenly this issue is occurring. 


I have tried following:
1. Reinstalling Citrix Workspace with series of restart after each install/uninstall. Tried multiple version, right from Version: (1910) to the latest. It didn't help. 

2. Just to make sure, tried with Factory reset(with SSD erase option)

Nothing seems to help.




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