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Citrix PVS boot problems

Daniel Scholz


We have a very strange and annoying problem with our PVS farm. The first time i noticed this, was during the update from 7.15 CU3 to CU4. After updating the VDA software in the PVS image, the image starts to getting trouble during the boot process after some days. Round about 50% of the machines gets stucked at the daily reboot procedure at the windows logo with the spinning dots or sometimes a bit later at "applying computer settings".

We have to hard reboot these machines and sometimes they comes up again but some machines need 2 or 3 reboots to become functional again.
I did a lot of research and tried many things. I updated the vmware tools in the image and some of our core software components, opimized the image with the citrix optimizer tool and also updated the anti virus software and deleted ghost devices. Unfortunately nothing did help.

The only way to get the image fully bootable again was to revert the PVS image to a version where the CU3 VDA Software was installed. This version works flawlessly over months and many new image versions. But everytime i installed the CU4 again, the image starts to making the same trouble again.

Now i updated our environment to 7.15 CU5 and also installed the CU5 VDA software in the image and the trouble starts again. The first few days the image works perfect, but after a few days the image gets again the problems after our daily reboot.

This time the issue a little bit different. The machines appear to be up, they got an ip and responds to pings but in the director these machines dont have a ip and they cant handle logins. We have to reboot these machines and some of them comes up and some gets stucked at "applying computer settings" and need 2 or 3 reboots to recover from that state.


Now i found another weird thing about this behaviour. As is described, the trouble starts after some days without making any changes to the image. If the trouble exists and i create a new image version from the "faulty" image and make some minor changes e.q. windows updates or something else (the change itself doesnt matter), the new image version works again and instant without problems. Until a few more days gets elapsed...


Our environment:
VMWare ESXi 6.7
Windows Server 2016 on VDA and all infrastructure servers.
Citrix XenApp 7.15 CU5
Citrix Provisioning Services 7.15 CU5


Does anyone have any ideas what is going on here?

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