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All AAA user/AAA groups are accounts who access "user resources" via either the vpn vserver (full vpn or gateway/ica proxy config) OR via the authentication vserver.  (AAA users/aaa groups are treated separately from netscaler admin accounts aka system users/system groups).


For load balancing/content switching vservers, you can integrate them with an authentication vserver and then configure it for advanced authentication policies and/or nfactor (multi-authentication factors and/or multi conditional authentication flows).  


If you are deploying a vpn vserver/gateway resources, then you can integrate it with an authentication vserver and let the authentication vserver handle the advanced authentication policies and nfactor authentication requirements that the gateway can't handle on its own yet (13.0 and earlier).  


In both cases, aaa users and/or aaa groups are the accounts that access either of these resources.  The accounts can be based on local credential management or based on external authentication services like ldap/radius/etc.  nFactor than be used for all sorts of authentication requirements.



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