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Migrating to new controllers causes some users to get error that :the resource is unavailable currently."

Larry Schroeder


We are using XenApp 7 1912LTSR U1

We are in the process of building new controllers and retiring the old ones. When I change the StoreFront server to use the new controllers, some users will receive a error that the resource is unavailable currently. If we have the user refresh their receiver, everything works. Is there a way around this?


1. Any idea what the default refresh rate is for Citrix Receiver?

2. IS there a way to change the refresh rate?

3. Is there something I should be doing differently?






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I would be checking the StoreFront logs to identify if there are issues enumerating from the new controllers - once they fail, they will be bypassed for an hour (by default) and then brought back for another attempt - it's typically SSL, firewall or a typo in the controllers that will show what you are seeing

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I am in the process of replacing delivery controllers now too. My thought was that I would add the new ones along side the existing for a week or so and then remove the retiring ones. I don't know the answer to your questions either, but I will be keeping a close eye on things as I go through it. 


I'm kind of wondering if it may not have something to do with the Secure Tickets (STA). Maybe I'll remove my servers more slowly than planned, now that I think about it with this in mind. If the client gets 2 tickets, and both of those STAs are removed, could it possibly generate this issue?

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