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External monitor with 2018 iPad Pro doesn't seem to work

Brian Black


To be fair, I've never actually tried to use an external monitor on the iPad in conjunction with the Workspace app's Display Options > External Display enabled, but it does not work correctly. I'm beginning to wonder if it's got anything to do with the USB-C-to-HDMI adapter I'm using, though that appears to work perfectly fine in all other situations (i.e. the standard iOS screen mirroring that does not take advantage of extra screen real estate and dynamic resolution changes a handful of apps are capable of using Apple's app APIs.)


So here's what happens: once I enable "External Display" in the Workspace app settings and launch an app, as it's launching I can see it switch from the standard iOS screen mirroring taking up only a portion of my 1080P monitor to stretching to fill most of my monitor, but then it appears to freeze the external display. It might freeze/hang at the login script or maybe the initial loading screen of the app and then never changes. Meanwhile, on the iPad's own display, everything humming along like normal, showing the contents of the app and allowing interaction like nothing's wrong.


And the really weird thing is that if I switch apps or minimize my current ICA session and go back to the Workspace app launcher screen, the external monitor will repaint it's screen to show whatever it was I was doing a moment ago. So it's getting updates for mouse/keyboard and I suppose session video stream, but it's not actually updating them to the external display.


Has anyone experienced this or have any tips or pointers for getting this working properly? Thank you!


EDIT: Okay, and I just tested this by using AirPlay to an AppleTV as my external monitor, and it has the same behavior. So it's not due to my 3rd party USB-C to HDMI adapter.

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After another update came out (the recent one that added generic mouse support for Workspace app), I came back to test the external monitor functionality, and it still does not seem to work properly. I don't get it--DOES ANYONE HAVE THIS WORKING?!


When enabled, it properly scales to fill the screen of an external monitor, but it just appears to capture a single frame--it doesn't update video live. When you move the mouse around, you can see the cursor change as it hovers over different objects (text field, checkbox, etc.), but the external display doesn't update. If you hit the top menu bar and then tap back into the screen, the external display updates its frame. Strangest, most frustrating thing.


Can any Citrix employees chime in? Maybe I've got some settings misconfigured?

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