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Old store still using classic experience in Receiver


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Hi all,


We had an old store that still used the classic experience.

After upgrading to 1912LTSR the classic experience got deprecated as documented. Since we didn't toggle the store to disable the classic experience before the upgrade we notice that the store correctly uses the unified exp view in storefront for web, but in receiver we still get the old view.
In the store details we see that unified experience is disabled but we don't find a way to enable this. 


Is there a way to convert this without having to delete/recreate the store so that receiver also uses the unified view?


Kind regards,


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I had the same problem and found this:






$Store = Get-STFStoreService -siteID 1 -VirtualPath "/Citrix/MyStore"

$Rfw = Get-STFWebReceiverService -SiteId 1 -VirtualPath "/Citrix/MyStoreWeb"

Set-STFStoreService -StoreService $Store -UnifiedReceiver $Rfw -Confirm:$False


please repalce siteid and virtualpath with the values with you.

After applying and logout loign to my receiver, I got unified experience .





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