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different virtual LB services successively in a daisy chain

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Hello Citrix Community,



it is possible to connect different virtual LB services successively in a daisy chain ? When I try to configuring a Services IP that points to another CSW on my Netscaler then the System reports “address already in use”. Is there any possibility to connect virtual LB services behind each other on the same Netscaler?



CSW_1_VIP--->LB_vServer_100----Service/Service Group(Service IP Points to another CSW_VIP)-----> CSW_2_VIP--->...

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1) from a traffic flow, why do you want to do this as their might be a better way to accomplish what you are trying to do (but not in the way you are doing it now).

2) The only way to daisy chain a cs vserver -- Lb -- service to another cs vserver, would be if the service1 was on NSA and pointed to a destination on a external entity on NSB.


But the ADC doesn't have a way to daisy chain in the way that you presented.


If you were to hit CS_vsrv_A and send traffic to lb_vsrv_A and then a redirect policy sent you to cs_vsrv_B, then maybe.  But again, if we understood the actual problem you are trying to solve, there might be a better alternate way to do it.

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You will not be able to do this if the LB virtual servers are on the same Netscaler.


I have only done this once and had to host one of the LB virtual servers on a different Netscaler. My scenario was that one LBVS was using a responder policy to return a static HTML responder page, and I needed to be able to modify the headers that were returned in the response. To accomplish this, the LBVS on one Netscaler had the rewrite rules necessary to modify headers, and that LBVS pointed to the LBVS on the other Netscaler, which returned the static content with the responder policy.

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