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Mount SATA drive as removable storage?

Sean Hook


I am a networking/IT student and I am new to using Xenserver. I was wondering if anyone knew a way of mounting a SATA connected HDD to the host and making it be seen as removable storage when looking at Xencenter. My goal is to be able to pass the internal drive to a Ubuntu 18.04 server VM without using a storage repository since the drive already has data on it that I don't want to format over. Is this a possibility? Maybe with some custom udev rules to fake the OS into thinking its an external drive?



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I was thinking about going the USB route if I really had to in the end. Would mean I'd need to buy a HDD dock I guess. It's a 3.5" drive so I was really trying to be able to have it directly connected to a SATA port on the host (which is just an older haswell based PC I've repurposed). 

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