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No Internet and network connectivity when connected to Citrix Netscaler VPN. I'm using the Netscaler Gateway VPN plug-in version 11.

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You may need to share/explain your vpn configuration and its session policies to get specific troubleshooting:

1) Are you using vpn in full vpn mode or HDX (ICA) Proxy mode?

2) What are the details of your assigned session policy:

- Is split tunnel enabled or disabled?

- If split tunnel enabled, did you also create and bind intranetapps to the vpn vserver (and or aaa groups)?

- Do you have authorization or session policies specifying authorization allowed and properly defined to allow access to permitted internal networks?

3) Network - most vpn traffic leaves via the snip, do you have routes on ADC and proper network firewall rules to allow the snip to reach internal network destinations

4) Do you have the vpn configured with dns settings to resolve names to ips....



You may need to run a nstrace.

 Or check syslog for vpn deny messages:


cd /var/log

tail -f ns.log | grep -v CMD_EXECUTED


Gateway events will span modules AAA, TCP, SSLVPN depending on what issues you may be encountering.  Look for "deny" or "denied" messages to identify if issue is related to authorization settings among other things that may show up.

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