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director endpoint ip

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I've enabled HDX Adaptive Transfer for our VDAs. All users are external and connect through Netscaler. Suddenly I realized that Director is showing the external endpoint IP address for connections made through UDP. Connections per TCP still showing the internal client IP address. Is this by design or some faulty config?

in netscaler i can see all public ip address in citrix director is where the issue occurs and in app center for our 6.5 farm

for example someone connecting through TCP will show address as

UDP will show there Public ISP address

Thanks in advance.

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this is a bug according to citrix support


ADC-12.1 Storefront Director logs private (Class C RFC 1918 addresses) instead of the public ones.

As per the team, the behavior where we are unable to see the public IP when the connection is TCP is by default and is a bug . 

When the connection is UDP , you will see the public IP. 

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