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Content Switching Issue

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Hi all,


Explaining my set up. I have two non addressable VIPs  on port 8081 and 8085 repectively. Its flowing via GSLB

I have set a policy on Content Switching but I am unsure on how to use a wildcard...


so if they enter the url say xyz.xyzsite.com/*  is directed to VIP with 8081 but a specific string in URL is sent to 8085 so xyz.xyzsite.com/abc/efg...

I am unsure how to add a wildcard on the expression and do i place this before the specific rule



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You can set up CS with a CS Policy http.req.url.contains("/abc/efg") and target your 8085 lb vserver. Then under Default CS Bound select your 8081 server for any other URL. This setup will allow you to switch traffic to specific server when selected URL will contain /abc/efg. All the rest of the traffic will be forwarded to 8081 lb vserver

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