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Login has expired. Please log on again to continue in 1912 CU1

Chris Buck1709155366

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Granted the error I have posted is not uncommon and there are threads on the subject and the web has many articles too, however I have something of a special use case.


When attempting to authenticate to StoreFront 1912 CU1 using UPN, a specific "set" of users observe:

Login has expired. Please log on again to continue


The specific set of users are not using the @company.com UPN address, in AD their respective accounts are configured with @brand.com  as specified in AD. 
Curiously if they input UPN and an incorrect password the SF returns bad username or password. So SF must be able to authenticate the password.

If the same users logon to SF using sAMAccountName then the logon is successful.

If anyone who has @company.com specified in AD then their logon is successful.


Suggestions? Advising users to pint sAMAccountName is not in line with the company standard.

I have not gotten to NetScaler Gateway yet, which I will have to deal with next. FYI on NS Gateway we do not use LDAP for AD authentication, MFA is handed off by Radius to a third party MFA provider.


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