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Flickering published application when many windows are open.

Andy White1709154166



Our Finance team use a bit of software called MS Dynamics AX and within this they open a few different windows to cross reference data, so they will have several AX published apps open, but after a very short while parts of the AX program will flicker and the menus will go missing and come back, basically very sluggish.


Memory and CPU for the VDI are all ok too.


We are not sure if it's Dell Windows issues as they is what they use, we in OY use Mac's and did try it on a publish desktop and as a published app it seemed to be ok.


We use Xenserver 8.0 and Xen Desktop 1912 LTSR and users are on Workspace 1912.


Any ideas one what it could be? We don't have too many polices running. It seems legacy graphics is off for all and I can see HDX thinwire running and framehawk.



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we are facing a similar issue.


published application in a Virtual Apps 1912 environment on Win10 HP PCs are flickering. Local applications on the computer didn't flicker, only the published ones are and only if they're not in full screen. Published apps in full screen are ok. These users worked from home the last few weeks over our Citrix Gateway with published applications and they didn't face this problem. As soon as they returned to their office, the issue was back. So it's dependent on the used hardware.

I've tested the following:

- Workspace App 1907, 1912, 1912.1000

- The issue was present before site update to 1912 with XenApp 7.15

- new installed pc

- different pc model

- new pc profile

- disabled hardware acceleration & h265

- new drivers installed on the hp pcs

- All 3 settings for High DPI in Workspace App

- Both monitors are set to the same resolution and dpi settings

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