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Citrix Netscaler issues

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Hello, we have a Citrix Netscaler VPX (200). Used as a web application firewall. A problem occurs periodically, the device does not work correctly. When the site is opened in the browser, a 502 Bad Gateway nginx error occurs. At the same time, the device is available for control via the GUI and CLI. Packet CPU and Mangement CPU not exceeded. Zero Throughput (Mbps) in / out metrics. Rebooting a Citrix device helps.1592020671__viber_2020-06-09_06-59-11.thumb.jpg.318c0a8b4c0934d4502266e6d0fd396e.jpg

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If I understood correctly your site is up and running most of the time but sporadically you receive such error. What do you see in ns.log? What version of FW are you using?


Shooting blindly - VPX200 with 2vCPU needs 8GB RAM if you have lower ammount of RAM you might experience memory errors (in ns.log you will see something like CEF:0|Citrix|NetScaler|NS12.0|APPFW|AF_MEMORY_ERR|4|src= spt=0 method= request= msg=Memory allocation request for 12 bytes failed).


Check your RAM and ns.log for any clues

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In some scenarios, the web server responds with status codes when it is unable to handle the requests for reasons such as invalid requests, temporary overloading, or server maintenance. These errors are displayed with error codes, which define various scenarios of the errors. For example,


502 Bad Gateway The server is acting as a gateway or proxy and received an invalid response from the upstream server.

503 Service Unavailable The server is currently unavailable. The servers might be overloaded or down for maintenance.

504 Gateway Time-out The server is acting as a gateway or proxy and did not receive a timely response from the upstream server.

These can be temporary conditions, but sometimes you have to implement a corrective measure on the webservers to make the webpages up and available.


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I can't...you can try to use Citrix Insight Services to review the techsupport file via the autosupport tools...but engineers are needed for the core dump, its not something I can tell you what to do or if it is related to this issue.  What you do want to do is when this issue occurs see if there is a new core dump being created that corresponds with the issue time; if it does, then the core dump is related to the issue or vice versa.  If the core dump timestamp has nothing to do with the issue correlation than it is some sort of past event.






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