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New environment slower than before




before and now we use cvd 1912. So the VDA is alltime the same. 

As server we have 4 hp proliant G9 with 20 cores + hyperthreading.


All 4 servers are running with vsphere 6.7.

As windows version we used windows 10 1709 with 2 vcpu and 8 GB RAM. MCSI Write Cache is 768mb


Now, we migrated all servers to citrix hypervisor 8.1 and switched the windows version to 1909. New install, not inplace.


After all is migrated our 190 users are crying that the environment is slow. Before we heard nothing of this.

In xencenter we wee, that the hypervisor cpu performance is round about 70-90%.


Before we know, the cpu usage was also high. round about 60-70%.


Our question is, is it related to windows 1909 ? We also used citrix optimizer for optimization. Or is xenserver cpu scheduler not so good as with vsphere ?


What are your experience ? 

We have a cpu ratio of 3:1 to 4:1. I would say for vdi not so bad, or isnt ?

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We moved all our vms to vsphere as hypervisor. The performance is the same bad performance. Citrix hypervisor isn’t the problem. 

it seams that windows 1909 is much slower. Ctxgfx is using round about 15% cpu. 

has someone running Windows 1909? We asked ourself if vdi will be the right decision for the future if windows will need so much more performance from release to release. 

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