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Migrate XD to SQL Express (temporarily)


Ordinarily I wouldn't do something like this, but I have a small environment (25 VM max) that is on some old Windows 2008 R2 boxes using SQL server 2008. I have to migrate all of the Windows 2008 R2 installs to 2012R2 or 2016 (preferably). We have licenses for 2016, but not for any SQL versions past 2008, not to mention any necessary CALs. Due to the economic environment, I cannot get appropriations for new licensing. So then I thought of SQL Express. This would only be temporarily, probably until a bit later next year when our purchasing restrictions are lifted, and I would migrate back to a supported version of SQL.


So, the question is, are the methods for migrating to SQL Express be the same as any other SQL migration (ie: copy the DB objects, recreate users, add permissions and change connection strings)? Right now we are using a mirrored setup, so I'd have to modify the connection strings a bit, but I'm really hoping this will get me out of this mess for now.


Any hints on adding some fault tolerance to SQL Express would be helpful too. Thanks

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