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Is it true that Citrix stops the pooled capacity licensing program?

Ivan Dimitrov

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We got a response from a Citrix partner that we cannot order SDX with pooled capacity licensing anymore and only fixed bandwidth/instance licensing is possible.

Could you please confirm and what are the alternatives if we would like to have the flexibility to use the BW/licenses outside of the SDX as well?

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Hello Team,

I would like to revise the topic and ask is there a plan to fully discontinue the pooled capacity model or existing customers will be able to renew or extend pooled capacity in the following years?

If so, what is the EoL date and what would be the alternative?

To be honest it is again hard to orient on the Citrix site what are the new licensing options - in the case if I don't want thousand Gigs for example.


Thank you!

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They do have a new flex licensing model that acts a lot like the pooled licensing.  They are currently pretty backed up on quote creation, but try and talk to your Citrix rep about what options you have going forward.  If you have a large CVAD deployment along with the Netscalers there is the possiblity of going to CPL, thus getting you near unlimited licensing for NetScalers.

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