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Get the status of virtual desktop

peizhi yu


I get the list of virtual desktop use following command

Get-BrokerMachine | select HostedMachineName


Then, I want to use traversal to get the status of virtual desktop

foreach($item in $HostName){
(Get-BrokerMachine -HostedMachineName $item).RegistrationState

But, It's don't have any out.

What do I do?

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8 minutes ago, Kasper Johansen1709159522 said:



You are telling PowerShell to only show the output from the HosteMachineName property, it basically ignores any other properties.


You might want to try this instead:
Get-BrokerMachine | select HostedMachineName,RegistrationState

It outputs the VDA hostname and registration state.

I see.


but I want to use a traversal, becase I want to write a monitor script to monitoring the status of the virtual desktop.


I can inquire the status of virutal desktop use the virtual desktop name.



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3 minutes ago, Kasper Johansen1709159522 said:

Well then, try this instead :)

$Hostname = (Get-BrokerMachine).HostedMachineName
foreach($item in $HostName){
(Get-BrokerMachine -HostedMachineName $item).RegistrationState

It's Working. Thanks your help!

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