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Citrix Viewer: 4k Resolution on a Mac (external screen)

Markus Loetscher


I'm using Citrix Viewer on a Mac with an external 4k screen (Dell P2715Q). I'm only getting 4k resolution inside the Citrix session if I manually switch my screen on the Mac from "Default for display" to "Scaled" and "More Space". If I just leave it on "Standard" (which gives me the full 4k resolution on the Mac with a usable zoom factor), I'm only getting 1920x1080. Is this a bug of Citrix Viewer?

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I am experiencing this exact issue. I know that on a windows PC the Citrix workspace has an advanced preference menu that has a tab for "High DPI." If I log into my session in windows with the "Use Native Resolution" options selected, Citrix will output 4k resolution set to the default 150% scale so that It is usable. On the Mac Citrix, there is no option for Higher DPI Displays and Citrix Generates the resolution based off of the "Scale Factor" in Mac.

Advanced Preference Menu Citirx.PNG

Native Resolution Citrix.PNG

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