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How to change a message in the Storefront page

Brian Pendleton

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I recently enabled Storefront to use Azure Active Directory as the IdP for SAML (with no Netscaler). It is working great however I have noticed after enabling SAML the StoreFront states "Resuming logon, please wait," when the user logs on every time. This is going to cause my users to ask questions since they are not resuming the logon (from their perspective).



This is the text I want to edit
<h1 class="_ctxstxt_ResumingLogon main-text">Resuming logon, please wait.</h1>

I don't find an entry for it in ctxs.wrstrings to use as a reference, so can anyone tell me what I need to put into strings.<lang>.js in the custom directory to change it?
Does this need to be altered in some other way or can it just not be modified cleanly?

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To edit the lables, you can get the entire list of LABLEs from the file ctxs.strings_xxxxxxxxxx in location  location inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StoreNameWeb\receiver\js\localization\en. However to do the changes copy the lable from this file and past it file "strings.en" in this location E:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StorenameWeb\custom.

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