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Update Masterimage

Ich Neugierig


Hi all,


iam new to citrix and have a question about "Xen App and Desktop 7.x" and updating machine catalog. iam i right that i can update the masterimage of a server while users work on the "copies" of the server ? And in the case that the "masterimage" have an application with a database. How can i update this machine catalog ?


thanks and greetings

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Yes you can update the master image anytime you want without any issue. Please see below how you can update the image. 


  1. Update or create a new master image
  2. Before you update the catalog, either update an existing master image or create a new one on your host hypervisor.
  3. On your hypervisor or cloud service provider, take a snapshot of the current VM and give the snapshot a meaningful name. This snapshot can be used to revert (roll back) machines in the catalog, if needed.
  4. If necessary, power on the master image, and log on.
  5. Install updates or make any required changes to the master image.
  6. If the master image uses a personal vDisk, update the inventory.
  7. Power off the VM.
  8. Take a snapshot of the VM, and give the snapshot a meaningful name that will be recognized when the catalog is updated in Studio. Although Studio can create a snapshot, Citrix recommends that you create a snapshot using the hypervisor management console, and then select that snapshot in Studio. This enables you to provide a meaningful name and description rather than an automatically generated name. For GPU master images, you can change the master image only through the XenServer XenCenter console.

Update the catalog

  1. To prepare and roll out the update to all machines in a catalog:
  2. Select Machine Catalogs in the Studio navigation pane.
  3. Select a catalog and then select Update Machines in the Actions pane.
  4. On the Master Image page, select the host and the image you want to roll out.
  5. On the Rollout Strategy page, choose when the machines in the Machine Catalog will be updated with the new master image: on the next shutdown or immediately. See below for details.
  6. Verify the information on the Summary page and then click Finish. Each machine restarts automatically after it is updated.

Ref: https://www.jgspiers.com/updating-an-mcs-master-image




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On 6/6/2020 at 11:08 AM, Ich Neugierig said:

am i right that i can update the masterimage of a server while users work on the "copies" of the server

Yes, you can update the master image. MCS clones a snapshot of master image and then either uses a linked or full clone methodology to handle additional machines. Your master/Golden image is always independent of existing machine catalogs


Personal vDisk is dead, and should no longer be considered (it was only for desktop OS anyway)


If you have a database, avoid storing it on the image if you have frequent updates  (you can use a number of tools to redirect elsewhere) 

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