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ADM 12.1 - Export a list of Historical HDX Sessions during a given timeframe and sort by Source IP / Relate to IP Blocks

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Hi there,


Apologies if this has been raised and resolved previously however I was unable to find anything when looking through previous discussions.


I'm wondering if there is a way to export a list of historical sessions during a given time period, displaying the user name and the Source IP.


What I'm essentially looking for is the same information that Get-BrokerSession gives me but rather than querying current data, I am looking for historical data.


Trends within Director will give me information on what users have connected, but not their Source IP.


We have Application Delivery Management (ADM) 12.1 with HDX Insights enabled and I can gather the above information but only if I manually click on each user and export "Terminated Session" data, which is a very lengthy process if you are trying to gather data on 100s of users. Frustratingly the data is there inside of ADM, but I cant find a way of exporting session information for "all users" in one go.


Any insight or ideas would be greatly apprecaited!




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