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Macbook Pro Keyboard Mapping issue

Oussama Mer


Hi everybody,


I am using citrix receiver/viewer on my laptop to connect to my company's computer remotely.


laptop env -> Mac book pro 2017, Mac Os High Sierra 10.13.4 (French Keyboard Azerty)

company's computer -> Dell Windows 10 Entreprise


The issue:

I can not type # @ { [ | these special characters and maybe others.


when i let the keydown it is typing the expected characters randomly:


(I try to have { character) --> result: '''''''{{''{''{{'''{''''''{'

(I try to have [ character) --> result: ([(((((([((([(([

(I try to have @ character) --> result: àà@@@ààààà


attached my macbook pro keyboard.

I hope to find a solution.





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What is the Keyboard layout on the "company's computer -> Dell Windows 10 Entreprise"?


Check the configurations in below links and see if these resolve your issues:




For the Keyboard synchronization to work both the settings on the VDA registry and UI setting on CWA Mac preferences should be done

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