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ICAfile launch kicks off installation of ICAwebwrapper.msi - Citrix WorkspaceApp

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I've got this problem on every client from at least WorkspaceApp 1906, where problem returning after a couple of days after reinstalling ICAWebWrapper.msi extracted from an installation.


Opened a case with Citrix Support and found this:

When disabling PluginAssistant on the Storefront server problem went away.

Storefront Server version: 1906.2

CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe version on Storefront Server: 1808


This article shows where to disable PluginAssitant, set it to false instead of true:




Now I have another case on a different setup with the same problem

Storefront Server version 1912

in the C:\Program Files\Citrix\Receiver StoreFront\Receiver Clients\Windows folder I have both Citrix Workspace App and Receiver:

Citrix WorkspaceApp version 1911

Citrix Receiver version 14.12


This case it does not help to disable PluginAssistant



In both this cases store is published with http, not https


Will investegate further and come with an update, but please share any findings other have on the problem.

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It's so frustrating. I've had this behavior before, about two years ago. I couldn't solve it after many tries and then I recreated the golden image. After that everything went great. Now when you upgrade from Workspace 1907 to a newer version the error occurs again.
In the golden image the start of the applications still works. When I start the workers from the image, I get the query for the ICAWebwrapper.msi. Obviously I have to make the golden image new again. But this is not satisfying.

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