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ATT DNS Assist causes issues with Internal Beacon

Andy Winter


I have a few customers whose home service is through ATT. ATT has by default a DNS assist feature where if a URL is malformed or not resolvable, it automatically redirects the query to their service. This causes the functionality of the internal beacon in storefront to fail. Instead of returning no value and allowing the workspace app to realize it's on an external network, it thinks it's on an internal network and the connection through the workspace app fails. I know that there is a mostly successful way that users can disable this feature, but I'm trying to resolve the issue from a system perspective without having to rely on users making this change. Having them manually change their DNS isn't a good option as they would then have to change it back when they are inside the network. Changing the DNS server settings on the home router can be tricky as well. Any ideas on how to resolve this either with external records or configurations of the beacons? Any other way to resolve?

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