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Hypervisor 8.1 Multipath can not be enabled on LSI9260-8i RAID card(MegaRAID SAS 9260)

Bai Xiaohu


I am using Hypervisor 8.1 and trying to enable Multipath on LSI9260-8i RAID card(MegaRAID SAS 9260, http://hcl.xenserver.org/storagecontrollers/49/Avago_LSI_MegaRAID_SAS_9260).


In the XenCenter Resources pane, I select the server and then put it into Maintenance Mode. Then on the General tab, I click Properties and then click on the Multipathing tab. Then I select the Enable multipathing on this server check box to enable multipathing. After taking the server out of Maintenance Mode, however, the Local Storage of  LSI9260-8i Multipath capacity shows 'NO'.


I find that XenServer 6.5 and later versions do not support MPP, which is the multipathing agent used by LSI for Redundant Disk Array Controller (RDAC).

Is MegaRAID SAS 9260 multipath not supported by Hypervisor 8.1? Does DM-Multipath apply to it?

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