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Policy exeption

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We have a Netscaler Gatewy 11.1 and I`m not a Netscaler Professionell...

I had create a ICA Access Policy to disable Client drive redirection and bind it to a ICA Policy.

It should be assigned to everyone except for an access group from the Active Diretory.

My problem is, it do not know how the exeption must be applied?

I do not know  how to implement exeption on the netscaler  IS_MEMBER_OF(\"ADGroup\")"

Can anyone help me?




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Note:  You can also implement this type of client drive redirection on/off easily within CVAD as a policy with a gateway vs non-gateway (external vs internal) filter and apply to groups/deny groups that you intend.  Just really have to decide if you want to manage this CVAD-side or gateway-side.


On the Gateway, if you want the policy to apply to everyone but members of a group, then you need a NOT expression.

NOT is represented as an "!" or you can append .not to must boolean expressions. Depending on if you need to negate one thing or a whole compound expression.






For compound expressions you can apply the NOT across parentheses :

!(http.req.url.path.eq("/demo") && (client.ip.src.eq(



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