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Xenserver 7.1. CU2 cannot create multipathing



Hi guys,


I'm having some problems with 2 hosts in a pool.

Yesterday I tried to enable multipathing.

Host is in maintenance mode and I clicked on : ''Enable multipathing on this server''.

I got error:  ''The SR failed to complete the operation''


I can't find anything usefull on internet about this strange problem.

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4 minutes ago, Alan Lantz said:

Is your SR that you are using for the Heartbeat a shared SR and is it marked as a default ?


I also tried (for test ) it on a standalone host with the same SRs and it went without a problem.
And on the two hosts that are in the pool I get an error.


4 minutes ago, Alan Lantz said:





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Please can you explain me, sorry but I'm new at this so I need to ask.



These hosts are in production, everything is working fine, VMs and templates are on that LUNs, so I don't think that is a problem.


I tried to test it yesterday...

I have one host which is standalone at this moment.

And I tried to enable multipathing with same LUNs and everything went smoothly.


So only diffrence beetwen that host and other two is :

- one is standalone (everything works fine)

- two are in the pool ( I got error when I tried to enable multipathing)

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The two hosts just need to have a common pooled SR, evidently an iSCSI device in your case. Hard to say what the issue might be if both hosts can access the SR and have a common network for management as well as storage, and are properly synchronized to NTP. Do you see any more detailed error messages in /var/log/SMlog ?

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