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FSLogic Multi-Session Write Back and UPM

Stan Svetec



In my new 1912 LTSR environment, I'm looking to switch users to FSLogix Profile Containers.  I'll probably require a few apps to session hop to other servers.  With respect to enabling Multi-Session Write Back as per https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/profile-management/current-release/configure/enable-multi-session-write-back-for-fslogix-profile-container.html, is it necessary to configure UPM exclusions?



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I've had UPM running in my XA 6.5 environment for years and for the best part, it's done the job reasonably well.  My 1912 LTSR on 2019 is built from the ground up so I'm investigating how FSLogix can improve the user experience and make profile management easier.

At the moment, my UPM store isn't HA and my XA and CVAD farms run across 2 DC's.  So if the DC where UPM is hosted goes offline, UPM profiles aren't available and gives an erratic user experience whilst the session hosts figure out whats happening.


With FSLogix, Cloud Cache aside, I have a profile balancing script running that will enumerate the amount of free space on 2 Profile stores (1 at each DC).  So if I have a failure at a DC, only half of my users take a hit.


I'm not saying FSLogix is the definite choice that I'll use, but when I have a shiny new environment to play with, kicking the profile container tires ideal.  But I have both components installed on a session host, so it's reasonably easier to flip between the 2 for testing and/or production.



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