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External facing netscaler portal only shows loading spinner image

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Hi people,


The past few weeks I'm trying to setup a Netscaler ADC (NS13.0 Build 52.24) as a bridge between the internet and our office network.

The Netscaler is placed in our DMZ and the external domain is forwarded to the DMZ IP address.

I've followed the Xenapp & Xendesktop wizard and after some hoops I've managed to get it working from inside our network.

In our internal DNS I've added the external portal A record and pointed it to the DMZ IP address. I can go the the external URL and it shows the portal where I can log in and open the available Apps and Desktops through the Netscaler.


But... When loading the URL from an external internet connection outside of the office it loads the Citrix Gateway page, but the loading image keeps spinning forever (I once waited more then 24 hours).

I see the HTTP Request coming in to the dashboard, but it hangs somewhere and I can't figure out where.


According to our network specialist he doesn't see anything blocked in our external firewall.

I've checked the Netscaler for an application firewall, but it's not there. I can't even see it in the 'Configure Basic Features' screen.


Have you seen this before?


Thanks in advance!


Sven Kersten

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