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Cameras / Webcams Not Working Correctly After Upgrade from 7.15CU5 to 1912

Julius Perkins


We recently upgraded the VDA from 7.15 CU5 to 1912 and cameras/webcams are no longer working correctly after the upgrade.  I have a few servers that have not been upgraded and cameras continue to work there.  For the servers that have been upgraded to 1912, the camera devices are getting passed through, as they are detected within the session, but it the camera is effectively unusable with the results varying depending on the application:

  • Within Cisco Jabber in the Video area, although we can select a camera, and the camera use indicator light does turn on, the preview never loads and it's not usable within the app.
  • In Zoom's video section there are no cameras to select from as though no cameras are even installed.
  • Some Citrix servers - but not all - have Microsoft Teams installed and for some reason the camera seems to work in Teams.
  • It affects all clients (Windows, Mac) for many customers 


I reviewed the Known Issues for 1912 where I expected to see something along the lines of “webcams don’t work” but instead it says that when the Skype for Business Web App Plug-in is installed, webcams might not work.  I checked one of my servers this morning but didn't see the Skype for Business Web App Plug-in installed, however I think that is a per-user installation and not a system-wide installation which would explain why I’m not seeing it. 


Is this a one-off unique to our environment or are others seeing or have other seen the same?  If not, any suggestions? :)

Thanks all!

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We just upgraded from 7.15 CU5 to 1912 CU1.

We are seeing the exact same behaviour.


The Zoom app on the VDI simply states no camera was detected.

However for some reason, Teams works. EXactly as described above.

Did you ever work out how to resolve this? Or should I be looking at reverting the VDA version?



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