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Keytool binary not found - Windows10

Mikael Delveus


I have downloaded the MAM SDK (MAM_SDK_for_Android_Beta1), but have trouble setting up the build correct.

I added a android_setting.txt and set path to android-sdk


task generateMdx(type: Exec, dependsOn: build) {

   commandLine 'c:/Development/microsoft_dist_openjdk_1.8.0.25/bin/java', '-jar', "${project.ext.mamSdkLib}/../tools/managed-app-utility.jar", 'wrap',




Got this then running the build:

Found zipalign binary at path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\build-tools\28.0.3\zipalign.exe
Keytool binary not found. This is part of the Java JDK. Please refer to the MDX Toolkit documentation for download instructions.
Found apksigner binary at path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\build-tools\28.0.3\apksigner.bat
Found jarsigner binary at path: C:\Development\microsoft_dist_openjdk_1.8.0.25\bin\jarsigner.exe

I do not understand how keytool can not by found when jarsigner is. The are both in the same directory!

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Hi Mikael,


For Windows, I believe the quickest way to resolve this is to create an android_settings.txt file under your MAM SDK library\tools folder.  For example:


And populate the file with a PATH variable pointing to the build-tools and JDK folder.  Here's my example:

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