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NetScaler RDP Proxy not supported on Windows 10 ver 2004

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We had 3 of our users who recently upgrade their Home PC to Windows 10 version 2004 and since the upgrade RDP client refuses to work with the RDP proxy on the NetScaler. 

The error received is "An Internal Error has occurred"  (Note: Published Remote Desktop via Virtual Apps works fine on Windows 10 Ver 2004)


I've opened a Ticket with Citrix Netcaler support, they have collected the logs for further investigation.  


The mstsc.exe built into windows doesn't seem to work. Not sure why this is causing not to connect. 


If anyone opened a ticket with Microsoft, did they give any solution on this ?


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yeah i opened tickets with microsoft and citrix a couple of weeks ago.  i noticed the problem in the preview release.


Citrix closed the ticket and said "we don't support that version until it's released".  completely unhelpful.


Microsoft took some debug traces and got their developers involved.  there's a patch coming out in june that fixes it.

there's a registry key workaround:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client

SendCorrelationId = 0

type dword


microsoft also mentioned they'd work with citrix to ensure a future version of the netscaler rdp proxy properly handles the rdp protocol.


Another workaround is to use the windows 10 store version of the remote desktop client.  the UWP version seems to work ok for whatever reason.

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I hope it helps you out a bit! 


RDP Proxy Overview


NetScaler ADC supports RDP Proxy through NetScaler Gateway. No VPN required. RDP can connect through NetScaler Gateway on port 443.

There are several ways of launching RDP sessions through NetScaler Gateway RDP Proxy:

Bookmarks on the Clientless Access portal page.

Bookmarks can be defined by the administrator.

Or users can add their own RDP bookmarks.

After logging in, change the URL in the browser to /rdpproxy/MyRDPServer. MyRDPServer can be IP or DNS.

In the RfWebUI Portal Theme, the Bookmark link lets users enter an RDP address, and click Go.


For Citrix ADC training and offers, please visit this page - https://www.netcomlearning.com/products/155/citrix-netscaler-adc.html

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